Are All Xiaomi Scooter Chargers The Same? (Let’s Find Out)

Xiaomi scooters are among the best scooters you can find nowadays. People love them, especially due to their physical features. 

But how about other less visible features like the charger options? Are they flexible enough to use one for every model? 

Do you own one, or you’re giving it a second thought after consideration? Read on to find all the information you need on Xiaomi chargers and if they are the same. 

So, without further ado, let us delve in.

Like every other appliance, Xiaomi scooter chargers come in various sizes, shapes, and even voltage capacities. Every charger is unique and peculiar to a particular model. Even though these chargers are similar, what distinguishes each charger model is its socket fitting, charging ports, and charger displays. So, it is not possible to use the same charger for them.

In this article, I will give you a detailed explanation of the major similarities between all Xiaomi chargers and also how to point out the best type of chargers for Xiaomi. 

In addition, I will also explain the possibility of charging our Xiaomi with a different charger and if it is necessary even to use a charger to power your Xiaomi.  

Are All Xiaomi Scooters Similar?

Are All Xiaomi Scooter Chargers the Same

Of course, these similarities help customers identify whether a scooter is a Xiaomi product. 

For example, when Xiaomi Scooters are charging, you will see a red light to indicate the progress and show a green light on the other hand when it gets fully charged. 

This feature is one of the features that cut across all Xiaomi scooters, making it a close similarity between models. 

Another similarity between Xiaomi scooters is that they all come with speedometers and the same mode settings. 

You can always choose between any of the “Normal,” “Pedestrian,” and “Sport” modes on your scooter, no matter the model you own. 

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However, there are other very important features of the different models of the Xiaomi scooters such that even with obvious similarities, they differ to a great extent. 

Here is a friendly guide on the major differences between the Xiaomi Essential model, Xiaomi 1S, and Xiaomi Pro 2.  

This guide highlights the major differences between these three models of the Xiaomi scooter based on their speed range, charge time, maximum climbing, and output, among other features. 

The Essential model originally comes with indicator lights, while the two others have just charging indicators: green for charging full and red for charger-in. 

Knowing these differences will go a long way in helping you choose the best when you want to purchase one. 

Below is a table of comparison for the differences between Xiaomi Essential, Xiaomi 1S, and Xiaomi Pro 2:

Feature Essential 1SPro 2 
Weight 12kg 12.5kg 14.2kg 
Max climb range 10%14%20%
Charge time 4 hours 5 hours 8 hours 
Top speed 20km/h 25km/h 25km/h 

However, these three are the same when it comes to features like tire type, shock absorbers, front brakes, rare breaks, headlights, riding modes, and display modes. 

In the case of shock absorbers, none of the models have one, while the tire type is inflated for all three models

What Chargers Do Xiaomi Scooters Use?  

When it comes to choosing chargers, the first thing you have to do is check the type of port you have and the overall battery capacity of your scooter. 

Ideally, Xiaomi scooters have either a standard or a fast charger option. While the standard chargers are good for all scooters, most owners prefer fast chargers. 

Unfortunately, the more you use the fast chargers on your scooter, the quicker your battery gets defective. 

Subsequently, if you decide to use a fast charger only on your scooter, you must charge it at 4 AMP. 

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On the other hand, while you use fast chargers for convenience, do not mix a standard and a faster charger. 

You should always choose one charger type and stick with it. Alternating between the chargers is highly inadvisable by manufacturers and professionals. 

Aside from choosing a charger type based on the capacity of your battery, you should choose a charger based on the type of port your scooter has. 

These chargers come in USBs, GX16-3P, M16-3P, XLR, and XT60. 

#1. USB 

Scooters with low power range charge efficiently on USB. Due to their battery capacity, a USB port has no side effects. 

#2. Gx16-3p

The GX16-3P is one of the commonest charging ports scooters use nowadays. The port is for high-performance scooters, commuters, and electric scooters. 

#3. M16-3p 

They are ideal for all electric scooters.

Interestingly, due to the plastic material used in making it, it prevents arcing and isolating pins. 

#4. XLR 

This port type is common among newer scooter designs and is also most suitable for scooters with 3-pin or 4-pin options. 

#5. XT60 

This port is also known as a bullet connector due to its size and shape. Even though not very many scooters use this port, it is perfect for electric scooters. 

#6. Dc Coaxial 

The DC Coaxial port is one-pronged and perfect for medium-budget-friendly scooters. 

When it comes to chargers, charging ports, and charging range, if you have any confusion, you can always refer to this article, or it may help if you check your owner manual. 

Alternatively, contacting the manufacturers directly and even seeking the help of a professional is also a suitable option. 

The battery capacity and power are one of the areas on the scooter that should receive the utmost care. 

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Tip: To enhance your battery capacity, charge time, and working time, use only one port per time. Do not mix a standard charger and a faster charger concurrently.

Can You Charge a Xiaomi Scooter with a Different Charger?

Of course not. Always ensure that you use the approved charger of your scooter to charge it once the battery runs down. 

If you use an off-brand, you may suffer a damaged battery or reduced battery capacity and working range since it’s likely to charge it faster or slower. 

Nevertheless, if you must use an off-brand, ensure that the voltage and amperage of the charger tallies with that of your scooter. 

However, if your charger is damaged, the best thing to do is to contact the manufacturers to give you detailed recommendations on how to get one. 

Alternatively, contacting a professional is also a wise choice, especially if you want to get the issue with your charger done quickly or purchase another charger as soon as possible.

Can You Charge A Xiaomi Scooter Without A Charger? 

Of course, you can. With recent modifications, one can charge a scooter without a charger, which is not that hard. 

You must follow a detailed step-by-step guide to get the best charging alternative for your charger. 

In addition, you must also have a good knowledge of what the recommended amperage of your ideal charger is. 

Also, you must double-check your owner’s manual for the best details on how to go about it. 

Generally, you can use three key methods to charge your scooter without necessarily using a charger. 

You can charge your scooter without a charger using the following: 

  • A variable power supply, 
  • A portable car jumper and 
  • A power bank. 

Among the three methods, charging using a portable car jumper is the most efficient and reliable way to charge your scooter without a charger.

Most of all, charging your battery on a car jumper gives it a longer life span than charging with an adaptor or power bank.

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