Apollo Phantom Neck Brace Upgrade (Must Know Things)

Apollo Phantom scooters were arguably the best electric scooters of 2021.

However, the company confirmed through customer feedback that the scooter experienced minor cracks in the neck region.

This problem prompted the brand to design the neck brace to support and protect the neck area. 

The sudden innovation confused many users about installing and maintaining the neck brace.

This article covers a detailed look at the Apollo Phantom neck brace and its installation.

Apollo Phantom’s neck brace is support and protective coupling that guards the electric scooter’s vulnerable neck area against rough treatment or external factors that could lead to it cracking or breaking. This customer feedback and priority of users’ safety fueled Apollo’s attention to the issue. 

Apollo Phantom Neck Brace Reviews:

Apollo Phantom Neck Brace

Below are a few specifications of the Apollo Phantom:

Top Speed41.5 mph
Battery capacity1216.8 Wh
Tires10 × 3.25 inches (pneumatic)
Maximum load300Ibs (135kg)
SuspensionQuadruple Springs
BrakesDual discs and regenerative braking
Motor and Power2400 W (3200W Peak Power)
Weight77Ibs (35kg)

The new Apollo Phantom neck brace has received positive customer feedback. Users highlighted the fact that it solved the issues with minor cracks.

The brand also took the time to redesign the Phantom Neck, making it 3mm thicker than its original thickness

The original 3mm neck was lighter and more prone to breakage when subjected to vibrations while riding.

The new neck brace is reliable, strong support for the Phantom Neck. Maneuvers can be safely made without fear of over tilting or damaging the electric scooter’s neck region.

However, ensure to take enough care while riding your Apollo Phantom to prevent further damage.

The lock-tight sealants in the bolts should be topped up regularly, and the neck brace should be cleaned at intervals to remove dust and debris. 

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What Is Neck Brace on Apollo Phantom?

Apollo Phantom’s neck brace is a protective gear built to prevent and guard the Phantom scooter’s neck against cracks or breakage.

The brand designed Apollo Phantom’s neck brace to protect the Phantom’s Neck from cracks after a small percentage of users complained of minor cracks on their Apollo Phantom scooters.

The Neck is the part of the electric scooter connecting the base of the electric scooter to the stem.

The Neck was redesigned and made 3mm thicker than it originally was.

The essence was to distribute the stress placed on the neck region more evenly and to provide stronger resistance to cracks and external forces. 

The brand constructed the neck brace to support and protect the new 6mm neck.

Apollo Phantom’s neck brace was a proactive measure taken by the brand to ensure the safety of its users.

Before the unveiling, the brand extensively tested the innovative neck brace design on Phantom electric scooter models.

However, the Apollo Phantom’s neck brace must be installed correctly to work effectively.

The installation guide provided by the brand should be read and followed religiously while installing the neck brace.

The brand’s customer care can effectively resolve any questions you may have concerning the process. 

Apollo Phantom Upgrade Kit Details. The Apollo Phantom’s upgrade kit features:

  • A sturdier folding ring with a new ABS plastic formula. The new formula features plastics with a lower melting point and higher tensile strength, making them very resistant to adverse environmental conditions, physical impacts, and chemical corrosion. 
  • A newer and much improved Hex display with up to 67% increase in brightness and a higher refresh rate. This feature lets riders see the display clearly, especially during nighttime, rainy, cloudy, or snowy conditions.
  • A more responsive ergonomic throttle. This feature is a major improvement. Riders can sprint freely on highways and maneuver bends and corners without gear-change hurdles.
  • An updated mode button with a quick connector 
  • Reinforced Kickstand (3 times sturdier)
  • Front plastic cover tray that’s compatible with regular brake versions only. 
  • A neck brace kit.
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The improved display, throttle, and mode button may be the best parts of the Apollo Phantom upgrade kit.

The superior package with the upgrade kit makes Apollo Phantom electric scooter models stand out compared to other brands. 

The kit is relatively easy to set up and quick to install. If you are experiencing problems installing the neck brace parts, try installing the kickstand and front cover discs first.

Everything about the upgrade kit is a plus. 

The superior display, folding ring mechanism, cockpit, and lights make riding the Apollo electric scooter a comfortable experience day and night. 

Apollo Phantom Neck Brace Specs

Apollo Phantom’s neck brace consists of the following specs:

  • 2 metal discs that make up the brace
  • 6 bolts
  • 6 nuts

The neck brace covers the neck fully and sits properly on top. It must be installed correctly. If not, you risk the nuts loosening or the brace damaging over time. 

If you encounter any problem installing your neck brace, go through the installation guide again and see if anything is amiss.

If you still have difficulties, contact the company’s customer care. 

Neck Brace Installation on the Apollo Phantom

Installing the neck brace on your Apollo electric scooter is quite simple. However, if done incorrectly, it could cause serious problems over time.

Before installing the neck brace on your electric scooter, thoroughly study the installation guide. 

It is also advisable to wear a protective covering. The  Apollo Phantom’s Neck Brace consists of 2 metal disc pieces (the brace), 6 bolts, and 6 nuts. 

  • Place the bigger disc with a groove on top of the Neck. You will find it fits perfectly. Place the smaller second disc underneath the neck so it laps with the bigger grooved disc. Each metal disc is fitted with 2 threaded holes on its sides. The holes on each disc should properly align before proceeding to the next step. 
  • Screw a nut into the threaded hole of the bigger disc’s front cover. Do the same for the smaller disc underneath. Attaching the nuts helps hold the metal discs in place, enabling you to screw the remaining 4 nuts into the side holes. 
  • Screw the remaining 2 nuts and bolts into the threaded side holes of the metal discs. Ensure the holes are properly aligned while screwing. 
  • Do not tighten the nuts and bolts immediately after screwing them in. Allow the neck brace to set in place correctly before tightening.
  • Also, before screwing the nuts in, you could add lock-tight fluids to the bolts before tightening. The lock-tight helps seal the nuts and adds extra, firm tightening to the coupling. This extra tightening ensures vibration or constant maneuvering over time does not loosen the nuts out of their places. 
  • Follow either a cross or star pattern while tightening the nuts. You can start from top-left and then move to bottom-right, top-right, and finally bottom-left. After tightening the side nuts, you can tighten the two central cover nuts. 
  • Allow the neck brace to hang for at most 24 hours before riding. By then, the tight lock would have dried properly. 
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Apollo Phantom’s neck brace was designed to protect the electric scooter’s neck from external damage or cracks due to vibration.

The neck brace consists of two metal discs, six bolts, and six nuts. Lock tight fluids should be applied to the joints before tightening; to reinforce the joint’s strength.

Ensure to follow the installation guide correctly while installing the neck brace.

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