Aovo Pro Scooter Reset Button: All You Need To Know

So you’ve had your Aovo Pro for a while now, and things aren’t working quite right. 

While Aovo is a name that stands out when it comes to electric scooters, the device can experience frequent problems that can impair its function, just like any modern gadget. 

You may wonder if your device has a reset button to get your Aovo Pro back to working order with a simple click. 

The reset button is placed on the end of the component near the power cord port. It’s a tiny pinhole button, and you will need a paper clip or something similar to press it. To reset your scooter press the reset switch for 3 to 5 seconds, and you will hear a beep, indicating the scooter has restarted. 

In this article, I will explain everything you need to know about the reset button on your Aovo Pro scooter.

By the end, you will know where to locate, when, and how to use the reset button on your Aovo Pro scooter.

Does the Aovo Pro Scooter Have a Reset Button?

Aovo Pro Scooter Reset Button

Yes, the Aovo Pro electric scooter does have a reset button in case the scooter experiences any technical issues or fails to power on. 

You can find the reset button underneath the scooter’s base, and you can easily locate it by flipping your Aovo Pro over to find a small button on the underside of the baseboard. 

The built-in reset button safeguards the electrical system in case anything goes haywire. The reset button acts as a reboot for your scooter.

If you notice issues like the throttle not responding, strange noises from the motor, or error codes appearing on the display, the reset button is handy for an easy fix. 

Here is how to access the reset button.

  • Ensure you park the scooter on a level surface and turn off the power.
  • Tilt the scooter up on one side to see underneath the base.
  • You will find a small circular button about the size of a dime labeled “Reset.”

Your Aovo Pro scooter has a reset button for a reason. The reset button, usually referred to as a little lifesaver, can get you out of a few jams. 

If your scooter starts acting wonky, the first thing to try is pressing the reset button. 

Maybe the brakes stopped working, or the throttle got stuck – pressing reset will reboot the scooter’s computer and often solve such little glitches. 

The reset button is also your friend if the scooter won’t start up or turn on. 

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Whether the battery drained completely or there’s another power issue, resetting the system is an easy first step to get you back riding. 

It would help to know that resetting your scooter won’t erase your odometer reading or other personal settings. 

It simply restarts the scooter’s computer to get things working properly again. 

Try the simple reset button solution before hauling your scooter into the shop. More often than not, it will have your ride back up and running quickly.

How Do You Reset an Aovo Pro Scooter?

A reset is sometimes all you need to get an unresponsive electronic device back and running. 

However, it would help only to reset your scooter if you are experiencing issues with it powering on or functioning properly.

Resetting without cause could temporarily disrupt your scooter’s settings and tracking features. As such, you should only reset when it’s truly needed

Resetting your Aovo Pro scooter is quite straightforward. 

You must push and hold the reset regulator for 3 to 5 seconds until the battery level indicators light up, indicating the scooter has restarted. 

Release the button and place the scooter back down on the ground. Here are the steps to follow when trying to reset your Aovo Pro scooter.

  • First, ensure to fully charge your device before starting the reset process.
  • Now, find the tiny reset switch on the end of your scooter. It’s a tiny pinhole next to the charging port.
  • Use a paper clip or pin to hold the reset switch for a few seconds gently.
  • Release the switch as the scooter comes back on.
  • Your scooter will restart, and all settings will return to factory default.

It would help to know that not all resets will happen within a short duration. As such, you must be willing to be patient.

When to Use the Reset Button?

Sometimes, your Aovo Pro scooter may start acting strangely or not respond as expected, indicating an issue with the electrical system or firmware that needs a reset. 

Using the reset button is an easy first step to try before contacting customer support. 

If your scooter won’t power on or isn’t responding to the throttle, try pressing and holding the reset button using the tip of a pen or paperclip. 

Also, when your scooter seems sluggish or not reaching the max speed indicating a problem with the speed controller or motor that requires resetting. 

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When having trouble connecting your Aovo Pro to  Wi-Fi or Bluetooth devices, resetting the device’s network settings will help get connectivity back on track. 

Also, in cases where you intend to sell or gift your Aovo Pro, resetting it to erase all personal data and accounts to maintain your privacy is a good idea.

How Do You Perform a Hard Reset on an Aovo Pro Scooter?

Sometimes your Aovo Pro scooter can experience technical difficulties that require a hard reset. 

A hard reset is a factory reset that will wipe the scooter’s memory and restore it to its default settings

Performing a hard reset should resolve most technical issues you encounter with your Aovo Pro scooter. 

Regardless, only use this method as a last resort, as it will wipe your scooter’s memory. And if the problems continue after a reset, do not hesitate to contact Aovo support for further help. 

You can perform a hard reset on your Aovo Pro Scooter efficiently. First, ensure you power your scooter off. 

And if the device is not responding or is stuck, it would help to force it to shut down by holding the power button for a few seconds. 

Now locate the tiny pinhole reset button on the underside of the scooter’s base. You will need to press the button with a pin. 

Then hold the switch for at least 5 seconds and release then wait 2 minutes or more for the scooter to reboot its system fully. 

It would help to know that the scooter will power on and off several times during the process. As such, ensure not to touch any buttons during the process. 

Once the power remains stable and powered off, you can turn it back on as normal, indicating a complete hard reset. 

You can reconnect your scooter to the mobile app and recalibrate the handlebar display. 

It would help to know that your odometer and custom riding profiles will reset, and everything else will return to the factory default settings. 

Generally, a hard reset is useful for clearing error codes and restarting your Aovo Pro after it experiences a malfunction or software glitch. 

By following the simple steps above, you can get your scooter back up and running to get back to enjoying your rides. 

While a hard reset is safe for your device, you must be sure to confirm that’s what your device needs at the time to function properly, or you can always go with a normal reset. 

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A hard reset is quite different from a normal reset, and the table below shows some of the differences between a hard and a normal reset.

Hard Reset Normal Reset 
A hard reset formats the whole system.A normal reset refreshes the system’s memory.
Hard reset restores the device to factory settings.A normal reset restores the device to a previous normal state.
A hard reset takes a longer duration.A normal reset requires a short duration.

Does Resetting an Aovo Pro Scooter Fix Common Problems?

The simple answer is yes. Resetting your Aovo Pro scooter can fix many common issues and get you back riding quickly.

Generally, resetting your scooter is an easy first step to troubleshooting issues before more complex repairs. 

Resetting reboots your scooter’s computer, which controls everything from the speed to the folding mechanism. 

If your scooter is not accelerating properly or is making strange noises, a restart may clear any software glitches

Resetting also recalibrates your scooter’s sensors, which detect the steering angle, folding position, and battery level. 

If one of the sensors goes haywire, a restart will set it straight. It would help to know that resetting your Aovo Pro scooter is safe. 

A simple reset will not delete your odometer reading or any custom settings. All it does is refresh the scooter’s memory and software to factory conditions so you can enjoy your ride.

Other common problems a reset can resolve include the following.

#1. Glitchy or Unresponsive Touchscreen:

If your Aovo Pro seems laggy or does not respond well to touches, a reset may refresh the system and get it working properly.

#2. Applications Crashing or Freezing:

If certain apps keep crashing or freezing, resetting the device will close all apps and clear the cache, which can fix software issues causing the crashes.

#3. Battery Draining Too Quickly:

A reset will close all background processes running on your Aovo Pro, which may drain your battery. It will help restore normal battery life.

#4. Issues With Password or Pattern:

If you’ve forgotten your unlock password, PIN, or pattern to access your Aovo Pro, you’ll need a hard reset to unlock the device. 

Ensure you have your Google account password handy to sign in after the reset.

#5. Other Problems:

For problems like a stuck kickstand, flashing lights that won’t turn off, or error messages on display, try pressing the reset button first. 

You can remedy many minor software glitches and faults with a quick system restart. 

And if issues continue after resetting a couple of times, it’s best to have your scooter checked by an authorized Aovo service center.

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