Aovo Pro Scooter Not Charging! (5 Ways To Fix It)

In general, experiencing technical issues with electronic-driven systems can always be challenging. 

Amongst the most common complaints about electronically driven micro-mobility is the interruption in battery charging; the Aovo Pro scooter is a case study. 

Your Aovo Pro scooter may not be charging, or the charging process is often interrupted. 

Many reasons stand to account for the Aovo Pro scooter not charging; while some come from system malfunction, others are user-related. 

One reason for the interruption in the charge processing of the Aovo Pro scooter is the typical case of a faulty or incompatible charger. A detective charger will certainly function differently than it does while charging. However, the same occurrence can stem from the scooter’s battery if it has gone bad. 

Occasionally, your Aovo Pro scooter will likely encounter a problem and suddenly stop charging. 

However, every technical problem has a reason behind it. Keep reading to know why the Aovo Pro scooter is not charging and the potential fix. Let’s take a look at them.

Why Is My Aovo Pro Scooter Not Charging?

Aovo Pro Scooter Not Charging

Usually, the Aovo Pro scooter is not charging, or there’s often a charger interruption due to a problem with the battery charger. 

A defective charger will not function well under normal charge conditions.

A loose battery charger port or a frayed or damaged wire connection can stop your Aovo Pro scooter from charging correctly. 

As such, it is always most likely that your Aovo Pro scooter is not charging due to the charger. In like manner, an incompatible charger will also yield the same issues. 

Therefore, your Aovo Pro scooter is not charging significantly due to the charger or a related charger problem. 

Also, the fault may be coming from the power supply outlet. A faulty electric supply source from your home can cause constant charging interruption

Nevertheless, the first guess is that the battery charger is faulty. It is easy to identify as the charge indicator will not power on when you plug in the charger.

Secondly, aside from a faulty battery charger, the same occurrence can stem from the scooter’s battery. 

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The defective battery pack of electrically driven scooters is another relatable problem to the Aovo Pro scooter not charging. 

Usually, the Aovo Pro scooter, like other scooters and electric bikes, has a battery lifespan of about 1-3 years. 

And you will agree that the battery’s efficiency will decrease after seasonally using your scooter. 

A gross decrease in the efficiency of the Aovo Pro scooter will certainly hinder it from charging correctly. 

An old/weak or worn-out battery that needs replacement will interrupt the charging process of your scooter. 

In addition, the board circuitry of your scooter may be faulty. Overheating the battery or the system’s motherboard can make the scooter not charge. 

How to Fix an Aovo Pro Scooter That Isn’t Charging?

Many reasons range from defective battery chargers to the system board stand to account for an Aovo Pro scooter not charging. 

However, whatever the main cause is, the relief is that a replacement or repair can fix the issue. 

Whenever you begin to experience a constant interruption in the charging of your scooter, it’ll be wise to check it out. 

As the saying goes, a well-known problem is a half-solved problem in fixing an Aovo Pro scooter that isn’t charging. First, know where the fault emanates from. 

I’ve outlined a few reasons why your Aovo Pro scooter isn’t charging and possible solutions to fix the problem

#1. Defective Battery Charger

In every case, the first guess to a device not charging is a defective charger. When you plug in your Aovo Pro scooter charger, ensure the charger light comes on. 

If the charger light doesn’t come on, try another power supply outlet, as the fault may still come from the outlet. 

If there’s no light on the charger, the charger is likely bad. Try out another Aovo charger on the scooter; you’ll need to replace it if it doesn’t work. 

#2. Damaged Charging Cable or Port

It is also possible that the Aovo Pro scooter isn’t charging due to a damaged charging port or cable.

A loose charging cable or port can cause an interruption in the charging process, which makes the scooter not get charged. 

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Also, as little as overstretching the charge connecting cable of the Aovo Pro scooter is, it can stop the charging process. 

Inspect the charging cable or port for any visible damage like fraying, broken/bent connectors, or exposed wires. 

If there is any damage, you must replace the cable or call a professional to fix the charge port.

#3. Weak/Dead Battery Pack

A weak or dead battery pack is another common reason the Aovo Pro scooter is not charging.

Usually, the efficiency of scooter batteries decreases with the rate of use and disuse such that, at some point, it becomes barely reliable. 

So, after season heavy use over time, it is only normal for the scooter battery to lose capacity and efficiency and eventually start failing. 

Whenever your Aovo Pro scooter starts losing charge faster than the normal rate, you should immediately start thinking of a replacement.

The only fix for a weak/failing scooter battery pack is replacing the scooter battery pack with a new one. Click here to get a new scooter battery pack.

#4. Defective Motherboard

A fault in the hardware of the Aovo Pro scooter can also hinder the battery from charging. 

However, the case is very rare and only happens in the case of overheating of the system. 

Overheating the board or even the battery will hinder proper charging. Sometimes, atoms of grime or dust accumulation in the scooter can cause a glitch that might prevent charging. 

If there is a fault with your Aovo Pro scooter’s hardware, I recommend you contact customer support for help.

#5. Possible Software Issues

Another reason the Aovo Pro scooter is not charging is due to a system software glitch. As an error in the software can hinder the system’s proper functioning, so will the charging process. 

To fix a system glitch, do a hard reset of the scooter. Press the power and mode buttons for 10-20 seconds until the scooter restarts. 

This way, you get to reset the system, which will fix the glitch preventing charge. 

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How Do I Know If My Aovo Pro Scooter Is Charging?

Aovo Pro scooter has an indicator light that will show that the charge is in progress. The indicator light is usually red and may be flashing in some models. 

Generally, scooters accept a 42V 2A electric battery charger adapter which is the most compatible for various electric scooters. 

The adapter normally features an LED charging indicator indicating a power supply in the charger.

However, as mentioned above, the Aovo Pro scooter has its own LED charge indicator that shows charging progress. 

Usually, the red light on the scooter means a charge in progress, while the green light indicates a fully charged battery. 

However, it is common to experience that your scooter isn’t charging or there’s a constant charge interruption. 

Below is a tabular summary of possible reasons and quick solutions you can try out to fix the problem. 

Possible Reasons Quick Solutions
A faulty or broken charger.Use a different charger to test, then you can replace the former with a new charger. 
A bad charging port.Call Aovo’s customer support for help.
The motherboard.Call a professional Toshiba laptop engineer for technical support.
A weak/dead battery pack.If certain, you can only replace the battery.
A faulty wall connector socket.Change the socket outlet.
Software malfunction.Do a hard reset of the scooter.

How Do You Test an Aovo Pro Scooter Charging System?

Use a multimeter to test an Aovo Pro scooter charging system. The charging system of a scooter consists of three main components, the voltage regulator, the stator, and the battery. 

In testing the charging system of Aovo Pro scooters, you’ll have to know how to unmount the scooter to access the system’s wiring

However, accessing the charging system of scooters is challenging and will often require professional help.

Here is a simple guide on how to access and test the charging system of the Aovo Pro scooter.

  • First, set your multimeter to DC, connect the leads to the battery, and test the reading.
  • Scooter batteries should read about 12.6V when off and between 13-15V DC when running.
  • Unmount the rubber covering on your scooter to access the stator of the scooter. 
  • Unscrew the flywheel that covers the scooter stator from the engine and carefully unmounts the stator.
  • You can now test the stator of the scooter with the multimeter set in ohms. 
  • Reinstall the scooter stator if the multimeter reads green on testing the leads.

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