Aovo Pro Scooter Hack (Must Follow This)

Many relish the thrill of driving scooters at high speed.

But imagine you look around; the road before you is paved and clear of passersby and vehicles, so you decide to go all the way at maximum throttle; still, it’s going slow.

You can see the older man with a walking stick moving at your scooter’s pace.

Now, that’s no fun; fortunately, there’s an Aovo pro scooter hack to help you maximize your scooter’s speed. Let’s go over that.

The Aovo pro electric scooter has a 15.5mph, which many consider slow. You can increase the speed through your app, removing speed limiters or firmware version installation to unlock even 28mph/45 km/h. But be careful as such an acceleration limit could cause complications like annulled warranties.

Can Aovo Pro Scooters Be Speed Unlocked?

Aovo Pro Scooter Hack

Yes, you can unlock the speed limit in your Aovo pro electric scooter to enable you to enjoy the ride just the way you want.

You can unlock the Aovo scooter’s speed by removing the speed limiter either from the display or through wire removals.

#1. Unlocking Speed by Display Method

  • Enable your scooter’s display
  • Hold down the electronic brake on the scooter’s handgrip.
  • Keep holding the brake button as you proceed in this operation.
  • Further, proceed to press the power switch; it will display P1.
  • Use the ‘light’ button to shift the P1 to P3.
  • After that, click on the ‘S’ button to configure your desired settings. You have successfully removed the speed limiter, and your scooter will move at an enhanced speed now.

#2. Manually Disconnecting the Electric Speed Limiter in the Pro Electric Scooter

Before removing electric speed limiters, you’ll need a pincer and screwdriver to perform this operation successfully.

  • Move to the two crosshead nuts at the scooter’s rear and use the pincer to take them out.
  • Proceed to the cross screws at your scooter’s top and remove them
  • Pull down the casing open, facing the front wheel.
  • You’ll discover four wires of similar color— white. Disconnect them and use the screwdrivers to slit them.
  • Finally, wrap the tape around the wires and close the opened case. Reconnect the screws you removed, and you’re all done.
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How To Make Your Electric Scooter Go Faster?

Using risk-free, modifying, or advanced methods, you can make your electric scooter faster.

#1. Risk-free

The risk-free method is considered best for those who want to touch up a few things and add a bit of speed to their scooter, nothing too much.

They’re safe and won’t void the scooter’s warranty. Following this method only involves eliminating barriers hindering your scooter from the maximum throttle.

  • Unlock your scooter’s speed from the app settings and move it to the fast speed mode. You can find directions on the fast speed mode on your scooter’s manual.
  • Ensure your battery is 100%, as your battery percentage will affect your speed. Reduced battery voltage lessens performance.
  • Switch off lights and other parts of the scooter that takes up the battery, except if you’re driving at night.
  • Clean your wheels to remove any dirt that might cause your wheels to slow down. Remember that the friction between the surface and your wheels determines acceleration.
  • Reduce your load; lighter scooters will go faster than ones carrying more cargo.
  • Renew your scooter’s battery if you’ve had it for a long time. Sometimes, batteries lose their power-retaining ability over time and need a replacement, and scooter batteries last for two to three years.

#2. The Modifying Method

The modifying strategy works to increase your electric scooter’s speed above the manufacturer’s recommended limit.

The best way to achieve that is by removing the electric speed limiters and upgrading your scooter’s battery to something more powerful, or you could do both.

Removing speed limiters is a way of modifying your scooter to go faster. You can do this by adding a customized firmware or manually.

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The firmware installation is a better strategy because it doesn’t affect any changes in the scooter, and there are minimal chances of complications arising.

This method might be fitting for your Aovo Pro scooter since it is an upgraded version, but if it doesn’t, you may need to get things done manually.

If you remove your speed limiters, you may invite problems as some regions have set speed limits for scooters, and a violation will be penalized.

Also, it causes immediate battery drainage.

  • Some people advise upgrading the scooter’s electronic speed controllers. However, it may not be easy, so allow someone with proper electronic knowledge to handle it.
  • You can install another battery to your scooter but be careful as the possibility of complications are extremely high.
  • Upgrade your battery to suit the scooter’s voltage, speed controller, and circuitry.

#3. Advanced methods

The advanced technique can void your warranty as it involves making complex alterations to the internal workings of the scooter.

Note that this method should be your final resort if you’ve tried other methods and they don’t give you what you desire.

  • Replace the sprockets in chain drive scooters
  • Clean the scooter’s motor but allow an expert to do this to avoid damaging the scooter’s mechanics.
  • Reverse the scooter’s motor, but do this if you’ve discovered the engine is the reason for your slow speed or you want the highest possible acceleration.

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What Are Some Aovo Pro Scooters Hacks?

Some hacks to help you get the most out of your Aovo pro electric scooter and optimize a faster speed include:

  • Remove speed limiter/firmware. This limiter includes wires running through to the throttle and controller, limiting the performance yield.
  • Boost the Aovo pro scooter’s speed controllers. As their name suggests, these speed controllers handle all speed and power output, so they regulate how much speed your scooter gets. Upgrading the gives you more speed leverage.
  • Replace the scooter’s battery; voltage as voltage primarily affects speed optimization. If you have reduced battery voltage, you can rest assured of slow performance, but an upgrade is all you need to reach that acceleration limit you desire. You could also consider overvolting, which means maximizing your system’s voltage.
  • Increase the scooter’s tire pressure. Tires with more pressure have less rolling resistance, meaning their speed efficiency is topped. Additionally, tire type impacts your speed; you could opt for off-road or racing tires but consider their advantages. Also, consider finding a better terrain.
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Factors that make speed hacks possible are:

  • You can access the speed controllers.
  • Second, it is possible to detach the speed controllers.
  • Third, you have access to the scooter’s battery pack.
  • Finally, the wheels use pressure so that you can increase it anytime for more efficiency.

Are Aovo Pro Scooters Free?

No, you can’t ride Aovo pro scooters for free. And their purchase cost revolves around $300 to $450.

It is an upgraded version of the popular Xiaomi M365 with stark differences and improvements in its motor, handles, and speed modes.

While you have to pay for it, individuals within the United States and Europe get free shipping.

Many have commented that its price may just be a tad low for the quality and wonderful experience it offers to users.

Well, that makes up for the fact that it isn’t free. So at least you can rest assured of getting your money’s worth.


Many drive scooters for various reasons, but one thing most of them may share in common is the speed level.

Of course, most people would love to enjoy their ride on the Aovo pro scooter at faster speeds, so knowing how to unlock that speed will be helpful.

But ensure not to do too much to avoid having a voided scooter warranty.

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