AOVO Pro M365 Vs. ES80 (In-Depth Comparison)

AOVO pro-M365 and AOVO pro-ES80 are electric scooter models under the same brand.

These scooters have quite a few similarities in terms of their features and working system. It might be difficult to choose the right scooter because of those similarities.

You must consider certain factors before purchasing any of the Scooters. Which scooter is better between AOVO pro-M365 and AOVO pro-ES80?

The AOVO pro-M365 is better because it possesses advanced tech features (app connectivity) that AOVO pro-ES80 doesn’t have. However, the AOVO ES80 is better than the M365 in speed, range, etc.

In this article, I’ll give you a detailed comparison between the AOVO Pro M365 and the AOVO ES80 scooter. You’ll find out which scooter is better when considering certain factors.

AOVO Pro M365 Vs. ES80: Their Features and Their Differences

AOVO Pro M365 Vs. ES80

AOVO pro-M365 and AOVO pro-ES80 comprise features that make up their entire body structure.

#1. Features of M365 Vs. ES80

Here is an overview of the features of both scooters.

#1. Range:

The range of the AOVO Pro ES80 scooter is slightly higher than that of the AOVO Pro ES80. 

The AOVO pro-M365 ranges up to 19 miles, while the AOVO pro-ES80 can go up to 18.6 miles on a single charge.

You should note that these are estimated values that may vary when considering factors like speed, terrain, etc.

#2. Speed:

The AOVO Pro M365 and AOVO Pro ES80 have a maximum speed limit of 15.5 mph.

#3. Design:

The AOVO pro-M365 and the AOVO pro-ES80 have a similar design. The scooters both have a front and rear braking system. 

The scooters also have a folding design that makes storing and transporting them easy.

#4. Weight Limit:

The weight limit of the AOVO Pro M365 and AOVO Pro is 220 lbs. 

#2. Difference between M365 & ES80

Here is a table to show the overview of the differences between the AOVO pro-M365 and AOVO pro-ES80.

AOVO Pro M365AOBO Pro ES80
Has the app connectivity feature.It does not have the app connectivity feature.
It has a motor of 350W.It has a motor of 250W.
It has a front and rear suspension system.It does not have any suspension system.
It weighs 27 lbs.It weighs 28 lbs.

Should I Purchase the AOVO Pro M365 Vs. AOVO Pro ES80

Overall, the AOVO pro-M365 and AOVO pro-ES80 have unique features that make them stand out in various aspects.

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The AOVO scooter model you purchase should depend on your needs and preferences.

Here is a list of factors you should consider.

#1. Features

The AOVO pro-M365 has the app connectivity feature, and the AOVO Pro ES80 doesn’t. This feature allows you to navigate your scooter through your phone.

The AOVO ES80 has the Bluetooth speaker feature, while the AOVO Pro M365 doesn’t.

#2. Price

If you’re working on a low budget, consider the AOVO pro-ES80 scooter.

The price of the AOVO pro-M365 is relatively higher because it has the app connectivity feature, which is a major upgrade.

Also, prices may vary; the average price of the AOVO pro-M365 is $400, while that of the AOVO ES80 is $350.

#3. Performance

If you want a higher-speed and longer-range scooter, purchase the AOVO pro-ES80. The AOVO pro-ES80 has a top speed of 18.6 mph and can travel up to 22 miles on a single charge. 

The AOVO pro-M365, on the other hand, has a top speed of 15.5 mph and can travel up to 18.6 miles On a single charge.

#4. Portability

If you want a scooter that is easy to transport, you should go for the AOVO Pro M365. The AOVO Pro M365 weighs 27 lbs, while the AOVO Pro ES80 weighs 30 lbs.

#5. Terrain

If you plan on riding your scooter on uneven terrain, purchase the AOVO pro-M365 scooter.

The AOVO pro-M365 has 8.5-inch pneumatic tires made especially for bumpy terrains. The AOVO pro-ES80, on the other hand, has 8-inch solid tires.

What Are the Pros and Cons of AOVO Pro M356?

#1. Pros

Here are some pros of the AOVO Pro MS360.

#1. Range:

An AOVO pro-M365 scooter has a range of about 18.6 miles, making it suitable for short-distance trips.

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#2. Portable:

The AOVO M365 pro scooter is lightweight and portable. If you want to carry the scooter along on a trip, you won’t have to worry about extra load.

It has a folded size of 42.5 x 16.9 x 19.3 inches.

#3. Durable:

The components of the AOVO M365 comprise high-quality materials that will last you a long time before it needs replacement. 

#4. Battery Life:

The battery in an AOVO pro-MS65 is a 36V l7.5Ah lithium-ion battery. The battery can last for up to 20 miles on a single charge.

 You can fully charge the battery of an AOVO M365 in just 4-6 hours.

#5. App Connectivity:

The AOVO pro-MS65 has the app connectivity feature. 

The app connectivity is a feature that allows you to connect a smartphone to your scooter and access its controls through a mobile app.

The app connectivity feature has some benefits, such as:

  • It allows for GPS tracking. You can find your scooter’s location and real-time information whenever you lose it.
  • The feature provides ride statistics such as speed, battery life, and distance traveled.
  • The feature frequently brings you firmware updates.
  • It allows for remote locking and unlocking.
  • The app allows you to form a community and connect with other scooter riders in your area.

#6. Speed Mode:

An AOVO pro-M365 has a feature that allows you to access various speed modes. The speed modes include the eco, standard, and sports modes.

The Eco mode has a maximum speed of 9.3 mph, the standard has 12.4 mph, and the  Sport mode has a top speed of 15.5 mph.

#7. Cost Effective:

The AOVO pro-M365 is relatively affordable and cost-effective because it does not require frequent checkups and maintenance.

Top-Notch Motor and Tires: An AOVO pro-M365 has a 350W brushless motor that can handle up to 15 degrees inclines.

The tires allow you a smooth ride because they are 8.5-inch pneumatic tires and are capable of shock absorption.

#2. Cons

Here are some of the cons of the AOVO Pro M365:

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#1. Weight Limit:

The weight limit of an AOVO pro-M365 is only 220 lbs making it unsuitable for heavy riders. The scooter’s performance will decline if you mount a weight higher than 220 lbs.

#2. Limited Suspension:

Although the tires of an AOVO pro-M365 have shock absorption capabilities, it does not possess full suspension.

The scooter needs full suspension to give you a smooth ride on bumpy terrains.

#3. Not Fully Waterproof:

An AOVO pro-M365 only has some waterproofing features. 

During heavy rain, components of the scooter may experience damage, or the scooter itself may break down.

#4. Charger Time:

The charging time of an AOVO pro-M365 scooter is 4-6 hours which is longer than most scooters.

#5. App Connectivity Poses Security Risks:

One security concern that arises with using the app connectivity feature is data privacy. 

The app connectivity feature collects personal data such as your lactation, riding habits, and other identifiable information.

Anyone good with tech can hack into your scooter’s firmware, steal your data and take control of your scooter.

If you contract malware, it could spread to the scooter and cause it to malfunction. This malware could compromise your security and privacy.

Another user can hack into your scooter’s settings when you connect to public wifi.

What Are the Pros and Cons of AOVO Pro ES80?

#1. Pros

Here are some pros of an AOVO Pro ES80 scooter.

#1. Battery Life:

An AOVO pro-ES80 has a 36V 7.8Ah lithium-ion battery. The battery requires 4-6 hours to charge fully and can take you on a 19-mile ride on a single charge.

#2. Portability:

The AOVO Pros ES80 allows easy storage and transportation because it weighs 27.5 lbs. The scooter’s folded size is 44.9 x 16.5 x 19.7.

#3. Warranty:

When you purchase an AOVO pro scooter, you get a one-year warranty that covers all defects. You also get to test the scooter for 30 days and get your money back in full.

#2. Cons

Here are some cons of an AOVO pro-ES80 scooter.

  • This scooter does not have a dual suspension system.
  • This scooter is heavier in comparison with other electric scooters.
  • The range of an AOVO pro-ES80 is not suitable for long trips.
  • It may be unsafe to ride this scooter at night because it does not have inbuilt lights.
  • This scooter does not have app connectivity features.

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