7 Tricks To Do With A Hoverboard!

Hoverboards are getting popular as more riders are willing to learn cool tricks and have fun. Also, It’s all fun with the feeling of you floating while riding your hoverboard. 

However, the hoverboard has a lot more and isn’t only for moving or floating around from one place to another. Thus the essence of learning new tricks you can try with your hoverboard.

Common tricks you can do on your hoverboard include; Butterfly, 180° turn, 360° turn, bounce back, and many others. And for beginners, try out the ‘genie’ and ‘spin’ tricks. First, however, you should know the basic tricks: how to ride on the hoverboard and maintain balance. 

This article is for you if you are down to learn or get thrilled with new hoverboard tricks. You’ll learn cool tricks and how to go fast on your hoverboard to improve your skills.

So without further ado, let’s see some cool tricks you should try on your hoverboard. 

Seven Tricks You Should Do with Your Hoverboard 

Tricks to Do with a Hoverboard

#1. Butterfly

Try this trick on your hoverboard as an expert, intermediate rider, or beginner. This trick involves you sitting on the hoverboard while you move with it.

You’ll sit on one side of the pressure pad to do the trick. And with your feet on the other pad, you spread your legs like a butterfly wing, as the name implies. 

To enjoy the trick,

Press the pressure pads under your feet to tilt forward and backward. In addition, this trick allows you to do another trick called the ‘sitting spin’ by tilting sideways instead.

#2. Swirling/one-foot roundabout 

Swirling is another nifty trick you should try out. To do this trick, you must place one foot on the foot pad and the other behind you. 

At the same time, one of your hands will be holding the free footpad side wheel cover. Placing your hand on the cover gives you balance to enable your back foot to move circularly.

Consequently, you can raise the foot set backward up by holding it with your other free hand. You can freestyle with this trick, though.

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#3. The crisscross

For this skill, you must have a good balance on your hoverboard. In addition, this trick requires you to keep your legs crisscrossed while you turn. 

#4. One-eighty-degree turn 

A beginner might find this trick hard because it involves timing and lots of focus and balance. For example, you must simultaneously lift and turn 180° for this trick.

Make a balanced stance on your hoverboard with a relaxed body to do the trick. Next, slightly bend your knees, make a small jump, and twist quickly.

To twist, transfer weight to one foot to push forward with the other foot slightly, making a back push. While making the twist, ensure you turn 180° and then land back on it safely.

#5. 360-degree turn

This trick is an advanced version of the 180-degree turn trick. But here, you must turn 360° by completing the turn facing the same direction.

#6 Bounceback

Another handy but challenging trick you can do on your overboard. In this move, you must shift your weight instantly while maintaining your balance on the board.

Your knees play an important role when you bend them a little for balance. While making this move, you are shifting forward and backward swiftly to give the impression of a bounceback.

#7. The handstand ride

This trick is strictly for pros, as it’s dangerous if you don’t have experience. Also, this trick hovers around your expertise on handstands; you should be good with handstands.

Aside from knowing how to do handstands, fitness and balancing your hands and body on the hoverboard Is more critical here. So only try this if you’re an expert.

Cool Hoverboard Tricks for Beginners

Before learning new cool tricks with your hoverboard, you must know a few tips. These tips are the first tricks you should learn before attempting any other.

First is ensuring that you can ride a hoverboard and have good basic knowledge. Then, you should be able to get on a hoverboard correctly and safely. 

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Getting on a hoverboard should be a smooth action, that’s, placing your first foot on the board. And gradually placing the second foot while trying to attain balance.

Secondly, you should have a good balance on your hoverboard before attempting any trick; it’s essential. Learning tricks with your hoverboard is similar to that of a bicycle. 

To have a good balance, you should try relaxing, as it gives you reasonable control of body movements.

Nevertheless, with constant practice and improved balance, you should be able to master your hoverboard. 

You will also want to gain maximum control over your hoverboard to try any trick. And to get such control, your feet must always lay flat on the footpads. 

After knowing all these tips above and having specific control over your hoverboard, you can try these tricks below as a beginner.

#1. The spin 

This trick is one of the most straightforward and excellent for anybody with a hoverboard. Also, it’s easy to learn and master as a beginner.

This trick requires you to tilt your left foot while leaving the right foot flat. And do it vice-versa to spin in either way.

#2. The Genie 

This trick is also one of the easiest for a beginner. You only need to have complete control of the hoverboard and your movements.

Set your knees on the foot/pressure pads to do the trick. And try shifting the center of gravity of your body for movements. Also, you can try spinning and turning to spice the fun up.

How Do You Go Fast on a Hoverboard?   

To go faster on your hoverboard, you can change speed mode or use your body weight to increase speed.

#1. Change Speed Mode to Go Fast

You’ll have two- or three-speed modes on most self-balancing/modern hoverboards. Also, hoverboards come pre-programmed with a ‘beginner’ speed mode to minimize your speed.

So you have to switch it to ‘intermediate’ or ‘advanced’ mode to increase your pace. However, you can change your speed limits in two ways:

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#1. Use Your Smartphone/Device via Hoverboard Supported App

To use this method, ensure your hoverboard supports Bluetooth connections and is compatible with the smartphone app. 

If your hoverboard is a jetson product, you can visit their support site to download and connect your device.

The app will enable you to switch speed modes, play music, and adjust the Led lights. Also, change modes with the app when you’re not in motion for safety.

#2. Use the Power Button

For some Hoverboard models, you can use the power button to toggle through the multiple modes. However, you must quickly press and release the power button to change the mode.

#2. Use Your Body Weight to Go Fast

This trick is most effective in some hoverboard brands. Also, this technique is exciting and another helpful trick to learn.

You must lean forward slightly while in motion and increase your foot pressure on the front to go fast. And when you begin to lean backward to balance your weight, the pace reduces.

More on increasing speed; some factors will slow you down. These factors include; the rider’s weight, top speed, battery, hoverboard type, motor power, and more.

Below is a table showing some powerful hoverboards with their top speed.

HoverboardTop speed(mph)
F1 gyroor12
Magic hover G-f112
Halo rover x10
Swagtron T6 outlaw10
Razor Hovertrax 2.08+

Going fast on your hoverboard isn’t advisable or friendly for everybody, especially beginners, because it gets tricky here. The faster you go, the more complex the control gets.

Notwithstanding, hoverboards are easy to ride; their difficulty will sometimes depend on the hoverboard itself. Some are easier to control than others.

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How Much Weight Can a Hoverboard Handle?

Generally, a hoverboard can carry a weight of up to 225 lbs, any weight more than this can damage the board. However, other powerful hoverboards can carry more than 225 pounds.

Do Hoverboards Have Speed Limits?

Yes, they do; most hoverboards have a max speed of 10mph. Nevertheless, different hoverboards range from a speed limit of 3 mph to 12 mph and even more.

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