5 Best Hoverboard Rental Services!

With the recent electric vehicle craze, there has been a surge in demand for Hoverboards, electric scooters, and E-bikes.

Companies like Segway Ninebot, OneWheel, and Hover-1 have taken the E-mobility platform by storm with many exciting products.

The only problem with E-mobility devices is their unaffordability, as many E-mobility devices cost upwards of $1000.

Thankfully you don’t need to fork out a lot of cash for a hoverboard because there are businesses you can rent one from.

You can rent a hoverboard from Rental services like Cloud of Goods, Friends with A, and Fat Llama. In addition, other rental companies focus on other E-mobility devices like Electric scooters and E-bikes that you can also rent.  

In this article, I will review the best rental services you can rent a hoverboard from based on their mode of Operation (P2P or Ridesharing), Availability, Customer service, and Cost.

5 Best Hoverboard Rental Services You Can Enjoy

Hoverboard Rental Services

This section reviews the five best hoverboard rental services you can enjoy, highlighting their services, cost, pros, cons, etc. 

#1. Cloud of Goods Rentals

Cloud of Goods rental service provides the overall best rental service for electric hoverboards.

Are you tired of carrying bulky loads that will take up precious cargo space? Cloud of Goods got you covered; Cloud of Goods is the home of all mobility rentals.

You can rent Cars, bikes, mopeds, scooters, hoverboards, and even wheelchairs from the Cloud of goods rental.

With Cloud of Goods rental, you can enjoy your vacation without purchasing costly equipment. You can rent beach and camping equipment and other diverse vacation goods.

Cloud of Goods is also unique because you don’t need to pick up a rental. After all, they offer delivery and pickup services.

You only need to place an order and input your location, and they will ship the Rental to you. 

#1. Mode of Operation

Cloud-of-Goods Rentals uses an Uber/Bolt service model where they work with independent rental contractors to provide customer services.

Small businesses and private individuals apply to become partners, and after approval, they can start renting out equipment to customers.

To rent a hoverboard from Clouds of Goods, you need to

  • Go to the Cloud of Goods website or install their mobile app from the Google play store or the app store.
  • Register and log in to your account.
  • Search the site until you see the hoverboard you want, and click on the book now to add it to your cart.
  • Fill out your details, choose the duration you want to rent the hoverboard, and proceed to payment.
  • You can pay with an American Express visa or Mastercard.

Cloud of Goods also allows you to reserve rentals days or weeks before delivery. Also, you can rent a hoverboard for weeks during the entire duration of your stay.

The longer you rent a hoverboard, the cheaper it becomes. It is best to rent a single hoverboard throughout your stay rather than a new one each day.

#2. Availability 

Cloud of Goods rental is open all year round to customers, even during the summer and winter seasons.

They have one of the highest penetration in the present E-mobility market and are available in many if not all, cities in the US.

You can rent a hoverboard from the Cloud of Goods site if you are visiting popular tourist and vacation attractions like Disneyland, the Golden Gate Bridge, and Las Vegas. 

Cloud of Goods only rents out Segway hoverboards. Hoverboards like the Hover 1 and MonoWheel are not currently available to rent, but they might be available soon.

Customers aren’t just limited to hoverboards; you can rent something with more range and comfort, like a Scooter or an E-bike.

You should rent a hoverboard if your total daily commute is less than 12 miles; if yours is more than that, an E-bike or scooter is a better alternative.

#3. Customer Service 

Any business that wants good customer satisfaction must have helpful customer service. 

Cloud of Goods has 24/7 customer service that is always on standby to help you with any problem you are experiencing with your Rental.

You can reach them through their support Email [email protected] and their phone lines 407-545-3103 for bookings and support.

Customers also don’t suffer liability if the hoverboard develops a fault while renting it. Their repair team will fix the fault or replace the hoverboard in less than 24 hours after you report it.

#4. Cost

The price of a service can make or break its image to customers and reviewers. Cloud of Goods uses a charge-by-time (hourly/daily) system to charge customers for rentals.

The entire duration of your Rental, from the time of delivery to the collection, will influence the amount you get charged.

Renting a Segway hoverboard starts from $84 per day and increases with the duration of the Rental and its location.

Delivery to remote and less-known locations will incur a higher charge, while well-known tourist and vacation sites will incur lower charges.

You can rent the Segway hoverboard from the Cloud of Goods website or mobile app. 

Here are the advantages and disadvantages of using a cloud of goods to rent a hoverboard.

#5. Pros

  • Cloud of Goods does direct delivery to more than a hundred cities in the US.
  • You can reserve your rentals days or even weeks before delivery.
  • They have 24/7 customer service that does repairs and Replacement of rentals.
  • You can set a pickup and drop-off point that suits you for your hoverboard rental.
  • You can place orders on the phone with their help desk or through their website and mobile app.

#6. Cons

  • Your rentals are approved pending if the local rentals accept your order.
  • You will incur additional charges if you cancel your order early.

#2. Friend with A Rentals 

Friend-with-A rentals is another good rental service that uses a peer-to-peer scheme with multiple independent renters.

We all wish we had a friend we could borrow exciting stuff from that would ruin our finances if we dared purchase them.

Having a friend with a hoverboard or an E-bike is crazy, but having thousands of friends with thousands of rides you can borrow is even more insane.

Friend-with-A is the closest thing to you having thousands of friends you can borrow stuff from (for a small fee).

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Are you curious how a OneWheel hoverboard handles? Friend-with-A got you; want to experience how an E-bike performs before purchasing? Visit Friends-with-A.

Friends-with-A rental platform is awesome because you rent from regular hoverboard owners like you, and they will give you unbiased reviews of a product you are interested in.

The direct dealing nature of the Friends-with-A rentals also saves time and money as you don’t have to deal with corporate bureaucracy while renting products.

#1. Mode of Operation

Born from the desire to have a friend you can rent stuff from, Friends-with-A is a huge platform where users can borrow and rent out equipment among peers.

Friends-with-A uses a location-based approach to give personalized service to its users, so you are sure to get the best deals closest to you.

You can be a renter or a rental service provider on the Friends-with-A platform.

Customers with high-demand equipment can register and place it on their website. The commission can be enough to pay off its worth within a few weeks or months.

Those looking to rent equipment like a hoverboard only need to register on their website, search and select a hoverboard, set a rental period, and choose a pickup and drop-off location.

#2. Availability 

Friend-with-A has a very high selection and variations of products you can rent on their platform.

Hoverboards and E-vehicles are among the most listed rentals on their platform, but you can still rent heavy-duty equipment like lawnmowers and trailers.

Friend-with-A rentals are open throughout the year, and they operate in major cities in the US.

Sadly, since it is a peer-to-peer service, your location will affect the number of products available for rent.

Densely populated cities will have higher and broader listings, while small towns and counties will have smaller listings.

#3. Customer Service 

Did you receive a faulty rental? Friend-with-A has customer service that can assist you if you encounter any issues with a rental.

They have social media handles you can message them on or follow to get updates on new developments. You can follow Friend-with-A on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Before renting a hoverboard, ensure you insure it with Friends-with-A to protect it from damage and theft so you won’t be liable for any losses.

You are entitled to a 100 percent refund if there is an issue with your Rental, Granted, you are not responsible for the fault.

If you wish to file a complaint or an insurance claim, you can send them a mail at [email protected] or reach them at +1 800-846-8870.

#4. Cost

If there’s one thing you will enjoy while renting from Friends-with-A rentals is their affordability and the variety of prices you can choose from.

Unlike other rentals where the companies set the prices, the person renting out the product is responsible for the pricing.

This freedom allows market and personal forces to determine the price of a rental that allows you to get a particular rental at lower prices when you go from one vendor to another.

Due to the variety of hoverboard brands on the Friends-with-A rental, you can rent a hoverboard for prices ranging from $39 to $60.

Cheaper hoverboards will be cheaper to rent, and expensive/high-end boards will be more expensive.

Below are why you should rent a hoverboard from the Friends-with-A rental and why not.

#5. Pros

  • It utilizes your location to show rentals that are closest to you.
  • Customers get a 100 percent refund if there is a problem with the Rental.
  • Rental providers will get a replacement or compensation for damaged or stolen rentals.
  • You can customize and tweak the location and time your Rental will get delivered.
  • Friend-with-A charges just 10+ percent commission for renting which is among the cheapest.
  • Identical Products on their site can have multiple price listings that are cheaper.

#6. Cons

  • Your location will severely affect the kind of goods listed.
  • You can be liable for damages if you don’t opt for insurance while renting.
  • Customer care support in remote regions is slow and unreliable.

#3. Fat Llama

Fat Llama is another online peer-to-peer website where you can list and rent E-mobility devices like hoverboards and scooters.

It is a UK-based rental company with branches in the US and Canada. You can rent Segway hoverboards, E-bikes, and many other products from the Fat Llama website.

Customers aren’t limited to scooters and bikes; you can borrow work, beach, and camping equipment.

#1. Mode of Operation

Like other rentals on this list, Fat Llama uses the p2p (peer-to-peer) to rent and host products on their sites.

There are usually multiple listings of the same product on the Fat Llama site, so you can select the cheapest and closest one.

Fat Llama gives you a lot of booking freedom and autonomy that will allow you to book a product ahead of time and set a date for collection.

You also agree on a location and time to meet, which is good because you can meet in a public place for your safety.

On rental safety and insurance, Fat Llama insures the rental provider against property damage and theft, but their coverage is limited compared to other rental services.

Customers are liable for any damages or theft of the Rental during the duration of the lease.

#2. Availability 

Since Fat Llama is a peer-to-peer rental service, the availability of a product is affected by location and demand.

You can search for hoverboards from Segway and other brands on the Fat Llama website.

Fat Llama has the least amount of products available for rent on this list because it is a startup, but it will improve with time.

UK customers have the most product listings, while the US and Canada have the least.

#3. Customer Service 

For complaint resolution, contact Fat Llama customer care service at [email protected].

You can also contact them on social media like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, where they post updates and announcements frequently.

Fat Llama doesn’t have a number you can use to complain, so you will have to settle with their email, but hopefully, they will be one soon.

#4. Cost

Renting a hoverboard on the Fat Llama website is noticeably cheaper than other sites, but it has a caveat.

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Rent providers get less insurance coverage, and Fat Llama can refuse to pay you the full market value of a missing or damaged item.

Prices of hoverboards range from $10 to $25 per day, high-quality hoverboards are more expensive to rent, but you will get a better range and features.

Here are the pros and cons of renting on the Fat Llama website.

#5. Pros

  • Fat Llama operates in 3 countries and major cities.
  • You can reschedule your Rental to extend or shorten it at will.
  • Customers can get refunds if the product is damaged.
  • Their site shows how far the renter is from your location allowing you to make the right choice.

#6. Cons

  • Fat Llama has poor reviews on review sites like Trustpilot.
  • They can utilize some unfavorable clauses in their terms and conditions to prevent you from getting compensated for a loss.
  • Fat Llama doesn’t have a number you can call to lay a complaint.

The services listed above all rent out hoverboards, but there are other notable companies you can rent scooters and E-bikes from that have better coverage and are cheaper.

The Rental services that stand out more than the rest are Lime and Bird Inc.

#4. Lime 

Lime is an electric vehicle rental company that operates a ride-sharing service that provides cheap and fast transportation in cities and urban areas.

The push to phase out gasoline vehicles and promote electric cars has seen a rise in rechargeable, battery-powered transportation like hoverboards and electric scooters.

Sadly electric scooters are expensive and cost hundreds, with some even costing thousands of dollars. Due to this issue, not everyone can afford an electric scooter.

Two Chinese businessmen saw a problem that needed a solution, and Lime was born out of necessity to solve that problem.

Lime ride-sharing services started with a few trials on campuses in universities and some cities but quickly expanded to several countries worldwide.

Lime has a network of scooters scattered around cities and campuses worldwide where users only need to pay $1 to unlock and ride to their destination.

Ride-sharing services like Lime are very important in cities today due to the rising cost of transportation and rampart congestion on major roads.

Lime scooters combat this by reducing the number of cars on the road and the number of pedestrians on the street.

The presence of electric mobility scooters like Lime in our cities means cheaper and eco-friendly commuting, which equals lower carbon emissions and less congested roads.

#1. Mode of Operation

Lime ride-sharing uses multiple electric scooters parked on Lime-designated sidewalks users can unlock and ride to their destination.

To unlock a scooter, you need to download the Lime app from the Apple app store or Google Play store and register.

Registered users can link their credit card to the Lime app and search for nearby scooters and E-bikes on the map in the app.

Walk to one of the scooters and scan the QR code to unlock it. Unlocking the scooter costs $1 and $0.25 for every minute of riding.

You can reserve a scooter for up to 10 minutes, while lime prime subscribers can reserve for up to 30 minutes. Prime users also don’t have to pay the one-time unlocking fees.

After you have arrived at your destination and parked the scooter at a drop-off, you can now end the ride. Always ensure you end the ride with the Lime app so you don’t get unwanted charges.

Ensure you report any damage or fault encountered while riding the Lime scooter with the Lime app or through their support Email. 

You are liable for any damage to the lime scooter during your trip, so it would be best to ride carefully and cautiously.

#2. Availability 

Lime scooters and bikes are available in many cities and campuses around the globe.

If you want to know the location of scooters nearby, you need to download and register on the Lime mobile app.

For now, Lime has electric scooters, E-bikes, and non-electric bikes available for rent. 

Lime takes advantage of the layout of cities to strategically locate pickup and drop-off points where they are easily accessible.

Most Lime parking spots are in places that experience a lot of pedestrian traffic, like bus parks, shopping centers, and campuses.

Using the Lime mobile app is better if you cannot find a Lime parking spot.

#3. Customer Service 

Lime has 24/7 customer service on standby, always ready to help users resolve complaints and provide support.

Were you in an accident? Or did you get overcharged? You can contact Lime customer service support through the customer support icon in the Lime mobile app.

Lime is active on about five social media platforms: Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube.

If you were in an accident or the scooter got stolen while you were riding, quickly report it to Lime customer service. Ensure your report isn’t later than 24 hours.

#4. Cost

The cost to ride a Lime scooter or E-bike varies based on the city it is in and many other factors. However, it uses a pay-per-minute format

Leaving and abandoning the scooter in an unauthorized location will cause you to get charged for all the costs incurred while recovering the scooter.

Lime charges $1 to unlock the scooter, and every minute of riding costs $0.25-$0.30. So the longer your ride, the higher it will cost.

The pay-per-minute means the faster you get to your destination, the lesser you get charged. So it would be best to move as fast as possible to shorten your trip.

Below are the advantages and disadvantages of using lime scooter rental.

#5. Pros

  • Lime is one of the cheapest scooter rental services in existence today.
  • You can reserve a scooter before riding it to avoid missing your appointment if you are running late.
  • Lime uses a pay-per-minute system which is very convenient and flexible.
  • Customers can cancel their ride anytime, granted the scooter is in a certified lime parking spot.
  • Lime is among the top 3 E-scooter rental services around the world today.
  • You get 15-20 Miles of range on a full charge.
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#6. Cons

  • Parking the scooter in non-designated parking spots can lead to a hefty and sometimes unfair fine.
  • Lime scooters don’t come with safety gear like helmets, so you can get hurt if there is an accident.
  • Scooters might not always be available, especially during rush hours.
  • You will be legally responsible and asked to pay if a lime scooter or E-bike gets lost or stolen during a trip.

#5. Bird

Bird is another great rental service with scooters all around the globe. Their scooter service allows users to rent a scooter or E-bike.

Bird is an eco-friendly rental service aiming to reduce waste and slow climate change. Bird scooters have zero carbon emissions and don’t contribute to air pollution.

You can find Bird electric scooters in multiple cities worldwide, especially in high-traffic areas.

To ride a Bird scooter, install the Bird app, register, and input your banking or credit card info.

Bird integration with Google Maps allows users to locate scooters that are free for rent near them. You can see the location of the scooter, its battery percentage, and riding cost per minute.

Bird scooters have a $1 unlocking fee, and subsequent riding is charged from $0.20 to $0.39 per minute.

#1. Mode of Operation

Bird operates a scooter and transport-sharing service that aims to revolutionize city and urban transportation.

They have a network of hundreds to thousands of birds spread out across cities worldwide.

You can find their scooters in strategic spots like campuses, bus parks, and busy intersections where users can rent them easily.

To rent a bird, you need to satisfy the following requirements.

  • You need to be above 18 before you can rent a Bird scooter.
  • Download the Bird app from the Apple App Store and Google play store.
  • Input the required details and register as a Bird user.
  • Locate the Bird scooter closest to you with the map in the Bird app and reserve a scooter.
  • Go to the scooter and scan the QR code to unlock it; you get charged $1 for unlocking.
  • Ride the scooter and ensure you follow the correct bike lanes, and avoid riding on sidewalks.
  • Park the scooter in the correct parking spot and end the trip with the mobile app.

Unlike Lime, it has very good insurance that covers the rider and the other party in case of accidents.

To claim your insurance, ensure you report the accident to the appropriate authorities and file a claim with Bird customer service through their email, [email protected].

#2. Availability 

Bird scooters are available in over 400 cities, countries, and continents. 

Bird rents electric scooters and E-bikes you can ride at any time of the day provided it has sufficient charge.

Users can reserve a scooter for up to 30 minutes, but you will get charged for the time of reservation.

If you cannot find any Bird scooters at their parking spots, you can check another spot or the Bird app to find nearby scooters.

Sadly Bird Rentals has shut down its operations in some European countries and cities, so you won’t be able to rent a scooter in these places.

#3. Customer Service 

You can access Bird’s customer service through email and social media platforms.

Forward all your complaints, Bird. Please email her at [email protected], or you can send yours to the Bird-in-app help center.

Bird also has social media handles where they share new policy updates and information with their followers.

You can follow Bird on Instagram and Twitter, where you can tag and send a direct message if you have a complaint or suggestions.

#4. Cost

There is no set price to rent a Bird electric scooter because operation costs differ from city to city, but unlocking a Bird scooter costs $1.

Areas with a lot of movement and pedestrian traffic usually wind up at higher rates than those with lower patrons.

Birds charge customers per minute, so that a shorter ride will be cheaper and better for your pocket.

Ensure you don’t leave a Bird scooter at the wrong location if you don’t want to incur additional charges.

#5. Pros

  • Bird and lime rentals are in a competition that is better for consumers.
  • Bird scooters are longer and more balanced than other scooters.
  • The recent version of the bird scooter has an IP68 water-resistant battery pack, which is a first-of-its-kind.
  • Bird scooters have safety features like sidewalk avoidance systems and an anti-drunk riding system.

#6. Cons

  • The bird pricing format might not be suitable for some individuals.
  • It isn’t easy to get a Bird scooter during rush hours.
  • The recommended parking space might be far from your destination, causing you to walk extra.

When Lime and Bird rentals came into the market, a 1-minute ride typically cost $0.15.

However, over the years, both companies have adjusted their pricing structures, leading to gradual increases in rental prices.

While some cities with lower market penetration and smaller user bases may still offer rides at the original $0.15 per minute rate, many other cities have experienced price increases.

High-traffic cities like New York and Vegas have seen a rise in price per minute, but the prices fluctuate depending on the time of the year.

Below is a table comparing the average price between Lime and Birds in different cities.

City LimeBird
New York $0.30$0.39
Chicago $0.39$0.30
New Orleans $,0.15$0.25
Santa Monica $0.23$0.25

It’s advisable to check the official Lime and Bird websites or their respective mobile apps for the most up-to-date pricing information in your location.


What should I do if my Rental gets Damaged or Stolen? 

If you are a rental provider, you should contact your rental service with proof showing the damage. Ensure you file your claim in less than 24 hours.

Customers should report damages to the rental support team, alert the authorities if theft occurs, and file a report to the rental service.

Should I Rent or Purchase a Segway Hoverboard?

You should rent a Segway hoverboard if your daily commute is less than 1 kilometer at most. Anything longer than that means your transportation cost will offset the rentals’ gains.

You should consider getting a Segway hoverboard if your daily commute is more than 1 kilometer but less than 12 kilometers round trip.

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